Various logos used for brands, projects, clothing, and podcasts.
As is the nature of the web, almost all of these projects are now redesigned or expired. Nonetheless it’s still work I think stand the test of time, so to speak. Most all of these websites were created before 2011. In technology time that's like 25 years ago.
More than a decade of various print and poster work for comedians, bands, theater, brochures, posters, DVDs, and just about anything done in print.
Burger Guild
A niché check-in app built around finding the best burgers in any given town. Created all the assets, including icons, mobile, and web design for a local Cincinnati “hack-a-thon”.
Four Corners Church
I volunteered creative talents to the West Chester based church Four Corners Church, from 2005 until 2010. I did everything from bulletin, display banners, background screens, website development, programming and design, and all photography.
ChoreMonster — Kids
It’s hard to find a kids app that isn’t awful. As adults we forget that kids are far more capable than we give them credit for; like the fact that kids can in fact see more colors than just red, green, and blue. Part of my challenge was to design for kids just as I would for adults, to respect them as an audience and not pander to some clichéd idea of kids.
ChoreMonster — Parents
The challenge of creating a UI for a chore app is to avoid making either just a calendar app or a task list app. Another challenge is to create an interface that doesn't rely too heavily on language to communicate, instead relying on visual cues. When an app is international that become paramount to avoid UI elements that break when translated.
ChoreMonster — Illustration
All the work below was created by me during my 5 year tenure as the cofounder and Chief Creative Officer at ChoreMonster, Inc.
ChoreMonster — Branding
From the beginning the challenge of creating ChoreMonster as a brand was to appeal both to children and adults. This was achieved through the use of a fun and playful logo, to a whimsical and robust typeface and a diverse color palette.