There’s great satisfaction to be found in donating your time for a cause you believe in. For over 5 years I attempted to increase the creative language of the church. Specifically the church our family was attending. I wanted to provide good to great design, not just ”good for a church“. 
Website Development, Programming, and Design
I designed and coded the front-end and custom CMS backend for the church. They had to be able to upload audio and video, create XML file that was referenced for iTunes for the messages to appear on a weekly podcast, add news and events, pull from a Flickr feed, add new content and pages and connect the community through a ”small group“ section. 
Yeah, that's right. I even made the site ”responsive“ before the term or practice was in vogue, so to speak. I just knew they couldn't afford a native app, so I creatd a redirect to a design made specifically for mobile devices.
Banners, Brochures, and Bulletins
Any church needs signage and wayfinding, as well as backdrops, screen backgrounds, and weekly handouts or bulletins (it’s a church term that roughly translates to flyer combined with a brochure). Everything other than the weekly handouts were based on the brand standards I had established and propogated. 
The weekly handouts where based on sermon series that ran for several weeks. I met with the lead pastor and their creative director to go over the theme of the series to develop a highly visual concept that reinforced the message that people would hear. The idea was to echo and deepen what was being said from the pulpit. I photographed, edited, and designed every piece you see below.
Eventually the church moved away from weekly printed handouts to purely digital screens for the stage. The format change also brought about a conceptual change, moving away from photography based pieces to more graphic and simplified designs.
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