There’s nothing better than a well made hamburger. It was common among a few of us in the ChoreMonster offices to discuss passionately which burgers in town we thought were best. So when Justin, Josh, and I decided to take part in a local hack-a-thon the concept was obvious — build a check-in app for burgers only.
You can visit the website and download the very very early version of the Android app. Sadly I’m unsure as to the future of the app, but I remain hopeful. We wanted to build an entire Food Guild of apps (for donuts, ice cream, tacos, and wings).
The design came relatively quickly, taking the basics of a ”check-in“ app and simplifying the process. It was important to build in the ability for users to add restaurants and the burgers specific to that restaurant. Over time the idea was to include special deals on local establishments as well as build a loyalty database and personal statistics and become the authority on where the best burgers in each town could be found.
The colors were easy — they‘re the colors found in a burger. They also pair well together (like peanut butter somehow does on a burger) and stay bright, lively, and clean.
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